About Gulf Specialized Works

Founded in 1994, Gulf Specialized Works (GSW) is a world-class manufacturer based in Jubail, Saudi Arabia.

Supplying industry in Saudi Arabia and the region for the last decade, the company has grown from a single product manufacturer fabricating steel for the local economy to what is now a global supplier, with five divisions producing in excess of 20 different products and solutions. Today, GSW is an established manufacturer and business partner for both EPC contractors and end users alike. GSW have successfully delivered projects to virtually every manufacturing segment for the oil and gas industry locally and regionally.

One of the five divisions and a primary focus is Skids Manufacturing; skids are integrated single purpose manufacturing solutions intended to address a specific manufacturing requirement. At its facilities in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia, GSW has substantial capacity to concurrently produce hundreds of skids such as Gas & Oil Modular Skids, Custody Metering Skids, Chemical Injection, Truck Loading, and Surge Relief Skids.

GSW also specialize in Weld Overlay, the highly specialized and meticulous process offering a solution protecting pipes and fittings against corrosion. Investing a lot of expertise, time, and resources, GSW today ships its cladding products to Saudi Arabia and the region and has plans to make its cladded products available internationally.

The company started out as a predominantly structural steel manufacturer and rapidly expanded into other specialties including the Process Equipment Division including heat exchanger and pressure vessel production. Now extending over an area of 147,000 square metres, GSW spearheads the industry and are ready to expand internationally.

On a separate site lies the Storage Tank division which has the capacity to produce 50 storage tanks concurrently; GSW’s tank division site covers 100,000 square meters dedicated to the manufacture of storage solutions including atmospheric storage systems in standard configuration or custom designed, for a variety of industries. GSW’s expertise includes fixed roof varieties and floating roofs, its production process involves cutting, blasting, rolling, painting, and finally delivery for on-site assembly.

All GSW’s divisions are supported by highly skilled and professional engineers using state of the art software to provide engineering services ensuring the highest standards of innovation, quality and production.


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