Message from Chairman & CEO


Mr. Khalid Al Hamdan- Chairman


Gulf Specialized Works was founded on the mission to service the industrial sector in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf region. Since establishment in 1994, the company has been growing and expanding its range of solutions to Saudi market in the petrochemicals, oil, gas, energy and water sectors, supplying to our partners such as Saudi Aramco and SABIC, SWCC, SEC, and other major international markets.

In under a quarter of a century, GSW has managed to grow from a steel fabricator to what is now a regional player in the industrial sector. Having fulfilled all the requirements lay down by the Regulators in the Kingdom, next year, the company will be listed on the Saudi Stock Exchange. This venture will give us the business stability and we will continue to grow and expand our share and footprint. Moreover, we will look further to the regional and international markets where we know we can be active player and a significant contender, transferring knowledge and expertise gained in one of the most competitive and markets in the world.

It is important to note that the growth and success of GSW would not have been possible without the efforts of its team members and management and the support of our regional partners.

Salah Al Otaibi – CEO


Since establishment in 1994, our mission at Gulf Specialized Works has been to service and supply the oil and gas industrial sector in Saudi Arabia. Through continuous innovation and dedication to providing only the highest quality products and service to industrial manufacturers, GSW is today a major market contributor and supplier of steel and steel products in the Kingdom and across the surrounding region.

And we are committed to maintaining our position as a leading steel fabricator and system integrators of process equipment and heavy steel. Which is why we continuously invest in the latest technologies. Our innovation allows us to offer our clients in the oil and gas industry, unique customisable solutions that enhance productivity and boost profitability.

GSW is a fair and progressive employer. Our operations are further strengthened by the selection of highly skilled and qualified best-in-class personnel ranging across all capabilities and disciplines. We maintain a pool of core long-term customers as a result of our conscious investment in nurturing, training, developing and honing the skills of our team of engineers and specialists.

As we prepare for the company’s imminent listing on the Saudi Stock Exchange we look forward to a future in which we not only share information and profits, but also our vision and aspirations for stronger more sustainable economy in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

GSW are innovators of customizable industrial design solutions for the oil and gas industry.


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