GSW successfully relocate a 544 tons naphtha splitter to Ras Tanura

Posted on Nov 07, 2019


GSW was entrusted by Saudi Aramco and Tecnicas Reunidas with Ras Tanura's Clean Fuel Project for the construction of a new Naphtha Splitter Column, the largest of its kind in the world. December 2018 was the outset of the project, and it took 140,000 man hours of work and a complete hydro test of the column until it was ready in March 2019.


GSW’s agility, thorough planning, and vast experience permitted it to deliver the new column successfully. The new Naphtha Splitter Column entitles Saudi Aramco to meet growing demands for cleaner fuels in the coming years. Aramco, Tecnicas Reunidas, and GSW’s significant collaboration were portrayed by the Naphtha being the world’s largest hydrotreating unit.

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