Chemical Dosing Skids - The Essential Must-have in The Hydrocarbon Industry!

Posted on May 05, 2017

Hydrocarbon engineering systems have experienced a number of rapid technological advances in recent years but none have been quite as revolutionary as chemical dosing skid systems. This is particularly true in the Middle East, the very nucleus of the hydrocarbon industry!

Chemical dosing skids are custom designed injection units delivering chemicals into oil and gas pipes. This is a targeted process that can be applied to a plethora of applications with huge advantages, not least of which is a boost in production processes. Known applications are the controlling of hydration in oil and gas pipelines and in the treatment of waste water by injecting treatment chemicals directly into boilers without losing the effect of water under pressure.


Abbreviated to CDSS, these skids are the industrial equivalent of a company’s bespoke distribution technique whereby liquid chemicals are dispensed from a portable supply source such as a tank or a drum, through an injector to the desired location. The injector is a small-dose individually fabricated pump which can be regulated to dispense chemicals at a specified rate.

Future Trends

As closely linked as it is to the new demands of the hydrocarbon industry, the market for chemical dosing skids is definitely on the increase and insiders predict that by 2019 it will reach somewhere around the $5.3 billion mark, particularly in the Middle East and Africa where economic diversification is a major priority due to a reduced dependence on oil and the need for expansion in manufacturing industries.

Can I get one locally?

This is where GSW steps in. The company makes, assembles and delivers bespoke Chemical Dosing Skids. With its vast experience and excellent track record serving Aramco, the world’s largest oil company, GSW is able to supply complete customized steel products, detailed engineering services, on-site fabrication, integration and assembly, factory acceptance testing (FAT) and commissioning on site (SAT).

In its impressive 147,000 square metres facility in Jubail, GSW has the capacity to produce structural steel products at a rate of 4,500 tonnes a month. Being located at the heart of the Middle East’s oil industry has ensured that it has easy access to the rest of region’s producers and has already expanded its operations to the GCC. Confident of its high standard of competence and well aware of future trends in the industry, the company has also firmly set its sights on exporting further afield, in particular to the US, Europe and Asia. 

Come and see us

GSW will be participating at the Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition and Conference (ADIPEC) at the ADNEC centre from November 13- 16, 2017, at booth 12354, hall 12, where its various products will be showcased. ADIPEC is one of the most significant event in the Oil and Gas industry's calendar and GSW will be there to demonstrate its capabilities and to build a strong presence amongst fellow industry brands.

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GSW. Innovators of customisable industrial design solutions for the oil and gas industry.

GSW, or Gulf Specialized Works, is a home-grown industrial manufacturer in Saudi Arabia producing some of the Kingdom’s most customisable and technologically advanced manufacturing solutions including skids for the Oil and Gas industry. In the last 10 years the company has grown from a single product steel manufacturer supplying the local economy to a global supplier with five divisions producing in excess of 20 different products and solutions including cladding, weld overlay cladding, storage tanks, and skids. Today, GSW delivers world-class gas & oil modular skids, custody metering skids, chemical injection systems, truck loading, surge relief skids and customised cladding solutions.

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