Truck Loading Skids – a GSW Manufactured Product to the Oil and Petrochemical Industries.

Posted on Nov 21, 2017

The symbiotic evolution between Technology and Engineering, which started in the early 1950s, is particularly true in the Oil & Gas industry. Automated systems have overtaken laborious and haphazard manual tasks to a degree that nobody could have predicted and the resulting benefits, particularly in harsh natural environments, have revolutionised the quality of an end product and its access to global markets. The applications of this evolution are particularly significant in the processing, measuring and transporting of the end products from the hydrocarbon industries such as asphalt, gasoline, fuel oil, diesel, methanol, and LPG.

Nevertheless, the truism that “without application knowledge is useless” is especially applicable to manufacturing and to the hydrocarbon industry in particular. Good design based on necessity is how the Oil and Gas industry has moved forward in such leaps and bounds and Gulf Specialized Works has actively embraced the task. Armed with a fundamental understanding of their products the company has resolved a plethora of various logistical challenges on behalf of their customers, not least of which is an efficient, measured and safe transfer of highly flammable liquids.

Gulf Steel Works Truck Loading Skids

Understanding hydrocarbon fluids is the only way to achieve the reliable, accurate and timely transfer of a wide variety of products whilst observing regulatory and safety compliance stipulations. The actual composition of the product to be measured, its flow rate, its operating temperature and related pressure, issues of expansion or contraction based on temperature, density and viscosity, ground protection system, vapour recovery safety system are all aspects that have to be taken into consideration within a remit demanding ease of mobility, ease of operation and accurate calibration for the precise verification of delivery. It’s a tall order but GSW’s complete truck loading skids are designed to cover all the parameters of a specific task because they are custom made to the requirements stipulated.

With a pool of highly skilled engineers, highly trained operators and state-of-the-art software, Gulf Specialized Works designs and produces a variety of fully assembled, wired and tested custom designed skids including Top and Bottom Truck Loading skids. Top loading skids are designed to load fluid from the top of a tank, it consists of top loading arms which permit the transfer of liquid through the manhole on top of the tank. The bottom loading skids are designed to load fluid from the bottom of a tank. Transfer system equipped with a local pre-set controller to shut off the flow of product after a predetermined volume has been metered. As bottom loading takes place from bottom of the tank, it is inherently a safer loading process. Both systems feature continuous product transfer, a multi stage flow control rate with precise batch delivery, fault-free start up with full factory flow and functionality testing offering risk reduction, cost effectiveness and shorter turnaround times.

The skids are manufactured in GSW’s impressive 147,000 square metres facility in Jubail within the same manufacturing complex that handles the entire spectrum of steel manufactured goods required by the hydrocarbon processing industry. Every stage of production is in house and closely linked to the company’s cutting edge software hub where systems are designed and checked. The Oil and Liquid distribution industry need not look any further for reliable and efficient truck loading skids!

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